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5 T1D-Friendly Products Designed to Make Your Life Easier (and More Fun)

Hello, everyone!

Welcome, and thanks for visiting rosiethet1dwarrior.com. In an effort to further connect with the T1D community and provide more insight and tips into living a more comfortable life while managing type 1 diabetes, I have decided to create a blog for the website. This blog will be for parents and children that are managing type 1 diabetes together, as well as adults who are managing type 1 diabetes by themselves.

I intend to post a mix of content. I am unsure how regular of a schedule it will be on at this time as I do have full-time work that comes first, but would love to maintain a frequency of at least 2-3 posts a month, if not more. (Stay tuned!)

I hope you enjoy it and learn new things about managing type 1 diabetes as a result of visiting. For my first post, I am sharing some products that have helped me manage my type 1 diabetes easier over the years or some that I'm interested in exploring.

First, let's talk about CGM patches...


My Background with CGMs and Insulin Pumps (In Short)

I have tried CGM and insulin pump devices in the past. CGMs were life-changing for me when I finally got them a few years ago! I was able to sleep a lot better and feel less emotional pressure managing type 1 diabetes everyday. I have tried the Freestyle Libre, Freestyle Libre 2, and Dexcom CGMs. I could dive into the differences and benefits of each one of these, but for this post, I will stick to product reviews and save a comparison for future posts.

I tried Omnipod for the first time in 2020, and really loved it at first, but after a few months into using it, I experienced some trouble that I wasn't fond of and found the benefits of the device to not outweigh the cost with my insurance plan. (This is another topic I can save for a future post! 😉) Please keep in mind, this is just my personal experience, and every person managing type 1 diabetes has a different method that works for them. Type 1 diabetes is a highly individual experience. For me, I prefer my CGM and insulin shots to manage my type 1 diabetes. This could change in the future, but for now - it's my day-to-day!

If you are using the Dexcom CGM, like I currently am, I recommend the following product...


#1 - SIMPATCH – Dexcom G6 Adhesive Patch

I have tried a few different patches in the past, and I have found these to be the strongest and most reliable. I have had to resort to bandages in the past when I notice the Dexcom G6 native adhesive peeling off towards the end of my 10-day cycle, and that was not ideal. I have also tried patches that were flimsy and not doing anything to help me keep my device on.

I usually wait until I'm towards the end of my 10-day cycle to put one of these on. I have found that I usually only need one per cycle, if at all; so if you think about it, you change the Dexcom roughly 36 times per year - one package of these could get you through a year if you don't use them every cycle, or if you do, every 8-9 months.

This is not a sponsored post by any means, but is an honest review based on my personal experience. The patches come in different colors, and I believe if you are an Amazon prime member, you could receive a 5% discount if you add this item to your Subscribe & Save orders. If you are an especially active person, I think patches are a good addition to your diabetes supply closet. I always feel comforted having some available just in case I need it.

Remember not to add them right before or after you shower, as it will decrease the usability of them. Be sure that your skin is dry. You may need help getting it on, as it can be tricky to lay "perfectly" without the help of your partner, parent, friend, family member, etc.

One faux-pas I have noticed with these patches, however, is that if I throw 1-2 in my purse, they tend to get coiled up and damaged. I am unsure if this is a product issue or if it just happens with all patches, but I have sadly had to throw them away by storing them in my purse.

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#2 - Glowcose

I have not actually purchased or tried this product before, but here is why I'm excited about it...

This is a product that I recently discovered on Instagram. I believe it is new to the market. It is a CGM light that pairs with your Dexcom G5, G6, or G7 device. Glowcose explains how it works best with this graphic:

Pretty cool, right? Based on your blood sugar readings on your Dexcom device, you and your family can identify where your glucose levels are at. If you are tired of alarms, this looks like a soothing change. However, I imagine you can have both alarms and the color changing light, or the color changing light and no alarms. I am unsure of the exact specs.

Especially in this digital world that we live in and many of us working from home, this kind of insight could help add to a stress-free lifestyle. I'd love to have one on my desk, personally! I can't wait to try it out. There is a pop-up right now on the website that gives you 10% off your first order as well, and I believe if you buy two it is $100; whereas, if you buy one, it is $60. When I try it, I think I will go for the 10% off and $100 for two deal, as it would be great to have it available in different parts of the house.

This may be a little more on the pricy side, but if it helps to improve your care, it seems like it would be worth it! (I will share an update here or on my Instagram page if I do try it: @missjflar or @rosiethet1dwarrior.)

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#3 - All My Diabetes Stuff Pouches by Casualty Girl via Society 6

All My Diabetes Stuff
Image Credit: Society 6, Casualty Girl.

I purchased the rainbow text pouch from Casualty Girl via Society 6 a few years ago, and still have them. The deal I bought came with three pouches - a large, medium, and small size to accommodate my insulin pens, pen needles, alcohol swabs, glucagon, lancing device, and purse-friendly-sized glucose tablets.

I don't know about you, but for me, my type 1 diabetes supplies and medication can easily get lost in my purse if I don't organize them into pouches. If you're a parent who is looking for a more effective way to organize their child's supplies, this could also be a fun buy.

I really love these not only because they've stood the test of time, but are really cute! Why not make your type 1 diabetes storage fun, right? Might as well! Type 1 diabetes can be so difficult. We have to put some fun into it when possible. It appears that right now, there is also a sale on them, so if you're looking for some new pouches to put your supplies in, these could be a great holiday buy.

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#4 - Myabetic Kerri Diabetes Storage Tote

Look... some people make fun of me for carrying around a purse that could pass as luggage, but I don't care! I have a lot of supplies to lug around, and I love doing it fashionably. I love being able to store a lot and be prepared for any situation. It gives me comfort as a person managing a chronic illness and as someone who loves to travel.

If you're not into that, no worries! Myabetic has a wide product range to accommodate a variety of preferences, and even has type 1 diabetes storage pouches themselves if you're just exploring that lane. They also have backpacks that I'd love to get my hands on and try one day. I got a Myabetic pouch and bag as gifts years ago that I still have. They are in great condition, are chic, and practical for organizing your type 1 diabetes supplies.

The purse and tote I received are in near perfect shape; whereas, my pouch is doing good but the zipper fell off. I feel this is only because I'm hard on it and use it more than the purse and tote since I like to change out my purses as I go. It's an easy fix, because I can buy a keychain at Target or Walmart and put it on my pouch to personalize it and reinvigorate its usability.

Myabetic Kerri Diabetes Tote
Image Credit: Myabetic (2021).

What I like about the bundle I'm sharing in this post is that you get a tote for everyday wear and a smaller purse for using when you go out or if you're just running a quick errand, etc. The small purse is detachable. I know this is another more expensive buy, but in my experience, it lasts more than a few years. For me, I'd rather invest in a quality product that costs more upfront and will last me a few years rather than buy one I have to replace every year or few months.

Myabetic has many accessory styles and colors to choose from.

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#5 - A Travel-Size Insulin Cooler

It's been recently debated as to whether insulin actually needs to be stored in the fridge once opened. I still store mine in the fridge as that is how I was raised to take care of my diabetes supplies. If you are also concerned and/or mindful of this, I recommend a purse-size/travel-friendly insulin storage cooler. I believe I got mine on Amazon, but I can't find it in my order history as I purchased it a while ago...

There are many out there! I like this one (pictured below) because I feel that it's durable and strong. I can rely on it when traveling to warmer locations or during the summer months. I believe it only costed me around $12 at the time of purchase. If you look on Amazon, you can see a variety of them and read reviews. I would advise paying special attention to them as to not get a faulty product. Some of the low-cost options may rip apart easier than others.

Amazon, of course, is not the only place that sells them and I'm sure there are better websites out there! For example, Myabetic has some of their own and there are many fantastic Etsy sellers out there who I'm sure create products like this. When you can support small businesses and creators, I am all for it. If you have recommendations as to who you can/should buy from when looking for products like this, please share in the comments! Perhaps, we can cover some of them in future posts. ☺️

Learn more about the best practices for storing insulin:


I hope you find these product reviews useful as you navigate your day-to-day type 1 diabetes management and care!

Happy trails ahead, warriors. Thanks for reading.

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